fun fact: me in the white shorts

fun fact: me in the gray shorts kissing the cutest boy in the world

this needs to be on everyone’s blogs okay aw


im actually crying why would anyone do this. is it so racist, please contact the itunes store and report it. i already have.




please go fucking call. i just did. i literally want to cry my head off bc of how the world is now a days. zayn didn’t do 9/11. the sick son of a bitch who wrote that song, makes parodies of songs, but literally this is not even funny. it’s fucked up. who would make a joke about 9/11 and zayn doing it? like hell no.  no matter what your blog type is, please just reblog it.  maybe itunes will get enough requests they’ll delete it.

I just looked it up and it’s real. It’s fucking real. Who in their right goddamn mind would find something so sick humorous? I have family members who lost close friends and relatives in 9/11. My grandpa’s friends died/were injured in 9/11 (he’s was a firefighter so, of course, knew many firefighters). Anyone who finds this song funny is sick. My friend’s father died in one of those towers that plummeted to the ground. Please report this song, guys. It’s really horrible.

I think you can also send an email here, if you can’t call.  


This is SO cuTE



let’s break down the shimmies 


Harry- This would be so much better if I had boobs

Liam- And a five six seven eight 

Louis- This choreography is my bitch

Zayn- I like my dignity thank you very much 

Niall- Craic Daddy Craic Daddy Craic Daddy